Essay Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Usually the FDA regulates all food but for GMOs they haven’t tested the long term safety of them. The FDA knows of “genetic instability” yet have no testing for genetically engineered food. FDA scientists have mentioned long term testing because there is no stability but it didn’t come through. There has been evidence and their own scientists have tried to convince them. The FDA physician who regulates input says, “FDA hasn’t found it necessary to conduct comprehensive scientific reviews of foods derived from bioengineered plants [but instead] expects developers to consult the agency on safety and regulatory questions.”(“Regulation of GE Food and Crops”) The process of genetically modifying an organism is the insertion of genes from a “gene gun”. The cell in that plant has random DNA coming in and it can cause damage to the plant. There is no stability because plants can react differently to the shooting of genes into their cell. (Smith, Jeffrey)
The FDA regulates the process in which genetically modified organisms are made but not what they do to the human body long term. They leave it up to the biotech companies but there is a huge problem. The biotech companies the FDA is relying on to make ensure GMO safety are making billions of dollars on GMOs. Biotech companies wouldn’t want to put an end to GMOs because of the money they make on the food.
The U.S Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to protect the environment and regulate what is used on our crops. The EPA…

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