Essay about Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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After finishing my molecular genetic project on genetically modified organisms, my attitude is still the same by being completely supportive of GMO due to its benefits to the economy and its service as a solution to food scarcity. Even though my attitude does not change toward the GMO, my awareness of GMO is increased compared to when I first started the project. At the beginning of the semester, I have never taken into consideration of what I consumed every day. However, I was very ignorant about GMO even though immense efforts and thoughts were putting into the engineering of the food so that people like me could have sufficient food with needed nutritional values.
Compared to how much I knew about GMO at the beginning the of semester, I gained new knowledge on GMO regarding the process of making GMO, its abundancy, and the potential risks. GMO was made using vector to insert the sequences into the interested organisms. There are many types of vectors that are used to produce GMO, but the most common vector that could be seen in most GMOs is 35s promoter. The promoter was obtained cauliflower mosaic virus, which can infect eukaryotes, especially plants. Regarding its abundancy, refer to the website, 70% of the products being distributed in the US market contain at least one GM ingredients. In another word, GMO dominates the US market by 20% compared to non-GMO products. Surprisingly, the public has little or no awareness of what exactly GMO is. Lastly, there is…

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