Essay on Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

1613 Words Nov 16th, 2014 null Page
In the modern society, there is an increase number of people concerned about food safety around the world. These food safety worries are primary about some new food species. This food which combines their DNA by using genetic technology is called genetically modified (GM) food. Scientists can make specific changes to food’s genetic structure and can alter food’s original characteristics. There are both advantages and disadvantages of GM food. The benefits of GM food are that researchers can improve the nutritional value of GM food and GM food can reduce pesticide use. However, there are also a number of renowned negative aspects such as GM food may take poisonous effects on human health and its unpredictable consequences of environment. Therefore, this essay will argue that there is not enough evidence to ensure the safety of GM products because it takes the adverse effects on human and unexpected results on the environment.
There are significant benefits of genetically modified (GM) food. Firstly, GM food can combine different genes, then it can create a higher nutritional value. For instance, rice which is the most important food crop in the third world countries, has not contained vitamin A and iron, and this deficiency may lead to blindness among millions of children and maternal anemia respectively (1). Fortunately, there is a GM products is called “Golden Rice”, which contains vitamin A and iron, could combat hunger and disease as a result save innumerable lives and…

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