Essay about Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

1251 Words Sep 27th, 2015 null Page
To satisfy the increased nutritional demands and ameliorate world hunger, genetic engineering has recently been an alternative, while many Europeans politicians and environmentalists oppose this option. These experts claim that genetically modified foods are less safe than “traditional” farming methods, even though statistics show that some genetically engineering crops produce fewer toxins than biological and botanical pesticides used in traditional food sources. In particular, Vandana Shiva, an anti-GM zealot, started a crusade against GM foods and accused multinational agricultural biotechnology corporations of disrupting the ecological balance for producing genetic engineering crops (Spector). As a result, people hold an unreasonably high standard toward GMOs compared to traditional food sources through complicated regulatory systems and studies to evaluate and ensure food safety. However, when it comes to the issue of GMOs, non-science factors are more important than scientific issue because people are concerned about more than just safety. Unless we fully understand the effects of GMOs’ emergence, the debates over GMOs are unlikely to reach a consensus. The general public rejects genetically modified foods due to the lack of understanding of genetic engineering technology. When people first hear of this term, they interpret genetic engineering technologies as crossing varieties, growing them in fields and regard it as a bizarre and incredible manipulation of nature.…

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