Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods Essays

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When the crops containing GMOs are sold they are labeled to let the consumer know what’s in the food they are buying. Many argue that foods containing GMOs are harmful to consume and so they boycott products such as corn syrup, cornmeal, and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) since they derive from corn. Soy is one of the crops that are altered Smith states that, “Currently commercialized GM crops in the U.S. include soy (94%).” In other words soy is the top crop that is modified. Other foods that contain ingredients that are genetically modified are: infant formula, bread, pasta, ice cream, and many others. One of the risk factors about consuming foods that have been genetically modified is that they can cause allergies and unpredictable aftereffects. There have been studies where lab rats are fed food, such as potatoes, that are genetically modified and have been found to have liver problems, but when the food is given to people the result is very different. There haven’t been any cases where someone has suffered from liver problems because of genetically modified foods. I understand that genetically modified foods are harmful, but they are always tested and are understood about the risk factors and they hold before being sold to consumers. My views stay the same and I believe that GMOs are helpful in today’s day. Many people assume that GMOs are not safe to consume. Many of the foods we consume each and every day contain some sort of GMOs; they are even found in non-food…

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