Essay on Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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A GMO is any kind of organism, plant, or animal whose genetic material has been altered though genetic engineering. According to Lecia Bushak, a journalist with a major in journalism from NYU who specializes in covering mental health and international news, GMOs are used to create high-quality crops that can withstand certain pesticides and herbicides, making it easier to get rid of weeds (Bushak, 2015). While biotechnology like GMOs may not be able to solve hunger and malnutrition issues, it still plays an important role in helping to solve these problems within agriculture. However, some people feel that we should abandon biotechnology and “live in harmony with nature” (Chassy, 2007). With some fearing that changing the natural condition of an organism has undetermined repercussions for humans, and that humans could potentially be harmed by genes intended to protect plants from herbicides or antibiotics (Bushak, 2015). GMO Inside, a group who works to inform consumers of the risks of genetically modified (GM) foods and increasing the market for non-GMO and organic goods, argues that GMOs negatively impact the environment, are controlled by corporations, and have health risks (GMO Inside, n.d.). As the world’s leading producer of genetically modified crops, should the United States alter regulations that are currently in place to further or loosen limits on the use of GMOs in food products? According to Chassy, the executive associate director of the…

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