Essay on Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food

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With a population of 7 billion, Earth doesn’t have enough space and farmers to feed everyone, let alone the estimated population of 9 billion come 2050. Scientists are attempting to solve this hunger issue by creating genetically modified food, which is capable of growing in harsh conditions, has more nutritional benefits, and its production can lead to a lower food price. These genetically modified organisms (GMO) don’t come without problems though. Growing of GMOs can cause environmental damage and has led to an increase in the number of allergic reactions in the general population. The benefits of genetically modified food are greatly appreciated around the world. GMOs can grow in harsher conditions, allowing more food to be grown around the world, and therefore feeding more people. Without GMOs, many people around the world would starve. Starvation is a condition where the human body digests itself when not provided with enough nutrients (Hoefnagels). When no new food is put into the body, the body does what it can to get energy. This includes digesting stored fat and muscle proteins. Body functions, like metabolism, begin to slow. Eventually, the body has digested everything it has to keep itself alive, however the person is essentially a skeleton by then (Hoefnagels, n.d ). Starvation is a painful process that no person should have to go through. Climate change and human use have rendered much of the land that was previously used for farming useless. Genetically…

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