Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food Essay

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The Importance of Genetically Modified Seeds

Recently, thousands of people believe that modifying genes may be a threat. Maybe some people believe scientists genetically manipulate food because nature is not perfect and science can replace it with better results. Over the last years, genetically modified seeds have been used in large scale around the world (Woolsey, 2012, para. 1). Although some people believe that bioengineered food is an experiment and it may cause some risks to human health, after twenty years using transformed crops there is still no proof that these varied crops are harmful to human health. Genetically modified seeds may guide people to nourish themselves, causing less risk to human beings because they may malnutrition, improve plant characteristics and minimize environmental degradation, while promoting scientific innovation and reducing hunger in the world. The first reason to support the importance of genetically modified food is the engineered seeds may help to nourish properly the world population. Global population constantly increases, and it is necessary to produce better crops to combat world hunger and improve nutrition. Using transgenic seeds is an easy way to grow up healthy children. Moreover, daily, approximately twenty-four thousand people die due to lack of nutrients in their diet (Potrykus, 2003, pg. S101). Therefore, scientists try to reduce malnourishment adding genes using genetic techniques to create new varieties of seed adding…

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