Essay about Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food

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The debate over the use and the benefits derived from the use of genetically modified food has been ensuing since the 1970’s and it will not likely cease any time soon. Genetically modified as a term means the changing of the genetic makeup of a plant or animal in order to produce desirable traits (Jefferson 33). The appearance of genetic modification has been so revolutionary and important to the world that the discipline of biotechnology has become a stand-alone science to support this technique and its advancements forthcoming. In an attempt to explore the technique as well as the pros and cons of the genetically modified foods, their production, and their impact, it has been found that any costs or negatives that come about as a result of genetically modified food production are far exceeded by the positives that genetic modification causes. The key to the entire issue of genetically modified food production lies in the hands of the government in the regulation of the same as well as studies proving the positives and negatives from which the regulations could be derived. This debate is one that will continue and that has participants from a wide range of areas from farmers, scientists, seed producers, all of the world.
The greatest argument in favor of food being genetically modified is the fact that by doing so, many all over the world are fed. As the world population continues to grow and hunger in 3rd world countries becomes even more rampant, it seems that…

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