Essay on Benefits Of Genetically Modified Crops

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The intended purpose of genetically modified crops is that farmers will have the benefit of not needing to use as much herbicide to treat their crops, which in the long run should save them money money for said farmer. To follow through on this promise, companies like Monsanto make their genetically modified crops resistant to herbicide, meaing that. What this means is that farmers can spray the genetically modified crops with herbicide to kill weeds without needing to worry about killing the crop. However, three years after the new herbicide-tolerant (HT) crop came out in 1996 and after it became very popular, weeds began to develop a resistance. This is a very natural occurrence, as all organisms evolve to meet their needs. Since this new resistance happened, farmers had to try different varieties of herbicide to counter the now-resistant weeds and protect the no-longer resistant crops. Ironically, more herbicide was being used than ever before, and in 2004, “Roundup Ready soybeans received an estimated 86% more herbicide than conventional beans… The accelerated emergence of herbicide-resistant weeds has resulted in the increased use of even more toxic varieties of herbicides... ” (Smith INSERT PAGE #) This proves that while crops were manipulated to be resistant, nature took its course. Like when a virus becomes immune to a vaccine, the weeds that were being resisted against found a way to keep attacking the crops.
This leads to the startling negative aspects of GMOs…

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