Benefits Of Free Clinics

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It’s interesting to note that 77% of American’s who visit the cost free medical clinics across the United States report a greater level of satisfactory care, as compared to the clinics that their insurance covered once before (Gertz, Frank and Blixen). Yet these clinics that operate at no cost to the customer are only open but a few days of the week. Perhaps people helping the needy out of the kindness of their heart are more passionate about providing quality service to the needy than to the profiteers of the overpriced health system here in the United States.
Before opening a clinic of this magnitude to the general public the organization or person overseeing this project must first assess the need for a free clinic, while also determining
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Other ways this benefits the community is through better patient care for the insured as well as the uninsured. The pressure this alleviates from the nearby emergency departments allows for a more rapid emergency medical system, which can provide better availability to those in the community who have a greater priority in the event of an emergency. Free clinics also cut down dramatically on the number of readmissions for those patients which are uninsured, and having difficulty finding a health care provider outside of the hospital. This decreases the morbidity and mortality rate in the community by allowing everyone access to medical care regardless of their situation (L, Dunn, 2013). In conclusion one must realize the toll uninsured patients take on local communities throughout the United States. The crowded waiting rooms at nearby hospitals, the preventable diseases constantly being spread, the emergency medical services responding to uninsured victims, which if given a free clinic would not be having to take such a financial toll on taxpayers. The benefits that come with a cost free health clinic are not only for the sake of the uninsured, but also for the local and nearby residents who can rest easy knowing that their hospitals are not overcrowded by patients being treated for something that could have been prevented early on. In addition to the free clinics it also provides peace of mind on those parents who don’t have the adequate funding required to purchase health insurance for their children. No child should have to suffer from an earache or discomfort as a result of a medical condition that can be easily diagnosed and treated through these types of

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