Benefits Of Foreign Foods Into Our Market For One Thing It Promotes Better Foreign Relations

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As for why our government allow foreign foods into our markets for one thing it promotes better foreign relations but is also serves as a buffer to have a system up and running if a disaster hit our farms because of storms or drought we 'll still have the food items the public demands because the system is in place allowing those food items from foreign countries. Also by receiving food from other countries gives our farmers land management opportunities to rotate crops or to cease growing on one plot of land while developing another and by doing so it prevents famines in our country. One product chemical fertilizers, I bet you don 't like those, also help in increase the yield of crops while promoting longer use of the land but rotating crops and giving the land a period to rejuvenate with none food crops to prevent land erosion is also a consideration in land management.

Black Farmers: Black farmers suffer the most just as Black people suffer the most and that 's because of Black people themselves. You tell me today who is keeping Black people from establishing their own grocery stores and specializing in products from Black farmers, of course that also means establishing the infrastructure necessary to support a modern grocery store such as a bakeries making breads, etc., milk refinery for purifying milk and making butter and bottling and packaging the products for the market, therefore it means total production what I keep speaking of that is continuously not addressed…

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