Essay on Benefits Of Food Processed Foods

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People in the United States think that fruits and vegetables that are canned or in the freezer section at the grocery are healthy, but they could be wrong. Canned or frozen fruits and vegetables contain harmful chemicals to the human body, which makes organic fruits and vegetables a safer option. NHS Choices stated that, “Processed foods aren 't just microwave meals and other ready meals. The term 'processed food ' applies to any food that has been altered from its natural state in some way, either for convenience. Food processing techniques include freezing, canning, baking, drying and pasteurizing products.” It might be easy to grab and go because most Americans are always on the go, but they do not know what is in the processed foods or what affects it could have on their body. Every person’s body is different when eating food or drinking, but when consuming processed foods, the affect is pretty much the same for everyone. Therefore, people should try to avoid processed foods because there are toxic ingredients in the food, people can gain more rapidly and it is just unhealthy for the human body. First, processed foods have many toxic ingredients in them that most people have not heard of. According to, “The top toxic ingredients in processed foods are palm oil, shortening, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and artificial colors.” Palm oil is oil from the fruit of certain palm. Now that sounds healthy because it has the word…

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