Benefits Of Five Things To Consider Before Entering The Field Of Nursing

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5 Things to Consider Before Entering the Field of Nursing
The nursing profession is among the highest paying careers and the single largest healthcare profession according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Nursing careers include work at hospitals, social service agencies, private companies and universities.

Nursing Careers -- Distinct Advantages and Drawbacks
Nursing careers offer some distinctive benefits, but some jobs may not suit your abilities and temperament. That’s why it’s important to know your career goals, the drawbacks and benefits of certain nursing jobs, how much study time is needed and the advantages of subsidizing your education through employer contributions. Things that you should know before entering
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Charting a Course to Benefit from Employer Assistance
It’s important to understand where you want to go in your career so that you can take advantage of scholarships, employer subsidies and educational and volunteer opportunities that advance your qualifications. Many hospitals, clinics, government agencies and private practices offer subsidized educational loans and grants, so you can often qualify for an entry-level job and get some help paying for further training. If you know where you’re headed, you can strengthen your qualifications with subsidized education, volunteer work and entry-level jobs that advance your career interests.

2. Choosing a Career Goal
Few professions offer as many career possibilities as nursing jobs. It 's important to narrow your choices so that you can eliminate nursing schools that don 't offer the required courses. If you 're unsure about what type of career to pursue, you can volunteer at a hospital, clinic, social center or nursing home to gain some practical experience and to find out what various jobs entail. The major nursing degrees include:

Earning a diploma as a licensed practical nurse takes as little as a year and opens the gateway to extraordinary advancement opportunities that hospitals and other employers will often subsidize or cover
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Knowing Your Abilities to Deal with Patients
Nurses can’t always help every patient, so you need to compartmentalize your work and private life. Even the best nurses don’t know everything and can’t solve every problem. As a nurse, you’ll probably be yelled at, and people will actually pee on you. You might be required to remove a breathing tube from a brain-dead patient or watch a woman newborn die in childbirth. The highs can be phenomenal, but the lows can be equally draining and disturbing. If you can’t keep your work and private life separate, most nursing careers won’t work for you. Lab work might be a possibility.

4. Balancing Your Life
You need to decide whether you want to go to school full-time or part-time -- especially if you need to earn a living or raise a family. You also must choose whether to pursue studies at a physical college or begin by taking courses online. Remember that nursing takes a lot of study time, so you can’t just schedule all your time for work and college classes. If you have a family to raise, the problems will compound. Even maintaining normal family ties and personal friendships will suffer because you’ve got many demands on your

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