Benefits Of Fast Food Corporations

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In the age where a dollar can rarely buy you anything these days, fast food corporations should not be allowed to pay their employees less than the minimum wage
A median household income in the United States is 50,000 a year. (US Census Bureau 2011). Fast food corporations are employed by 14 to 71 years olds with 70% being 16-20 years old. Being employed by mostly graduating high school students and beginning college students, and low class, how do you expect them live a content life with a wage of below minimum? People have to pay their bills, their groceries and many other things just to survive and simple life in United States and below 7 dollars is unfortunate. People would have to get more jobs and even drop out of school
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A minimum wage is set for a reason; the reason being is to prevent poverty and allow laborers to meet a minimum income that can enable them to enjoy the standard of living. Even if the majority of these fast food jobs are considered “low-pay, low-skilled”, every employee should still be compensated fairly. Fast food corporations are like well-oiled machines that are largely made up of “low-skilled, low-pay” positions. For example, cashiers, cooks, kitchen workers, and the cleaning crew are mostly the laborers that make a fast food establishment run. These workers work together to provide profit for their corporation, which is the main goal. They are near machines and in kitchens filled with hazardous materials. They surround themselves with so many people every day and without these employees the businesses would not be where they are today. Fast food employees are jack-of-all-trades they go through a lot in the work place, from customer service to learning how to make food. The top of the chain and the people in the corporations who don’t even do all the labor work don’t know what they go through in these fast food places everyday. Most of the employees are made up of middle class or people who cant even pay for school, afford a simple place to live in, or even eat unlike the rich people in the offices of food corporations. The fast food employees are the ones who do all the dirty work to make the business run and paying below minimum wage is not even an

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