Minimum Wage Vs Minimum Wage

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In the age where a dollar can rarely buy you anything these days, fast food corporations should not be allowed to pay their employees less than the minimum wage
A median household income in the United States is 50,000 a year. (US Census Bureau 2011). Fast food corporations are employed by 14 to 71 years olds with 70% being 16-20 years old. Being employed by mostly graduating high school students and beginning college students, and low class, how do you expect them live a content life with a wage of below minimum? People have to pay their bills, their groceries and many other things just to survive and simple life in United States and below 7 dollars is unfortunate. People would have to get more jobs and even drop out of school
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For example, in Market Place article, "When I was a kid and you ordered a soda, a person had to stand with their finger on the button ‘til the glass filled up," he said. "And now in many of the fast food restaurants of course they 've completely eliminated any labor involved with pouring the soda." Soda by soda, that can add up to eliminating a job. It may not sound like much," Nuemark continued, "but minimum wages can accelerate these kind of changes.”. If all corporations are just all about making money and just want to increase their profits and workers are paid less than the minimum wage it will definitely take its toll even though many believe that’s a goal of a corporation. Eventually, workers will lose their drive to work efficiently because they are not being compensated fairly and they may even quit to find other opportunities. The company may then have a difficult job to attract a workforce because of the low pay …show more content…
Having that occur can have employees resign from their position and can also waste time looking for new workers. Why would corporations lower the minimum wage when the government already tax deductions on every paycheck? Why cut wages when it is already difficult working on a minimum wage to support your self and pay bills? Having that occur may also cause employees to protest or feel like they don’t need to work hard since they are not treated well with their below minimum wage salary. Having a corporation lower the minimum wage for fast food is already not enough to support a normal living life style in the United States. For example, working 32 hours with 7.50 an hour is already a struggle to support your life style. I have once worked at a restaurant that thought it was acceptable for me to be compensated 7 dollars an hour. It was my first real job and it was right after highs school, I thought I should take it because it was the only option I had at the moment. Mind you, was a local small hole in the wall restaurant not a well known large fast food corporation… and I could not afford anything? Everything I made went to food I bought and my books. I could not afford a place to live or a car so I took a bus or walked everywhere. Thankfully I had siblings who let me stay at their place. It was an experience and a life lesson I will never forget. I

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