Benefits Of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Essay

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Enhanced recovery after surgery is an evidence based, multimodal pathway that is designed to decrease the stress on the patient through out their surgical journey. It focuses on improving the outcome of the patient after surgery, by taking additional steps to manage the patient before, during and after surgery. The longer a patient stays in the hospital post op, there is an increase risk to become susceptible to infections in this regard, the protocol serves as a guideline used to reduce the amount of the hospital stay with a goal of improving patient outcomes. ERAS focuses on educating the patient in the pre-operative period, maintaining good nutrition, decreasing the use of opioids, minimizing the use of tubes and drain and early mobilization.. ERAS is more commonly implemented for colorectal surgery, but has recently been used also for vascular surgery, radical cystectomy and thoracic surgery. The protocol attempts to change the psychological and physiological responses to major surgery. Studies show a success in a decrease of the patient’s length of stay related to early bowel return and cardiopulmonary function improvements. Implementation can prove to be a challenge due to the specific pathways that the member of the healthcare tem involved must take.The success of the program depends on the education given to all members involved and the understanding of what their role is through out the stay, this also applies to the patient. In the pre op period…

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