Benefits Of Employee Reward Systems Essay

1771 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
Employee reward systems refer to programs set up by a business to reward performance and encourage employees on individual or group levels. Although various fundamentals of designing and preserving reward and recognition systems are the same, it is useful to keep this change in mind, particularly for business owners concerned in motivating employees while keeping costs low (Heneman, 2015). Jiffy needed to design some sort of a reward program for its employees including the key items as follows; must classify the goals that will incentive the employer along with rewarding the encouragement team, identify the desired employee performance behavior which will reinforce the company’s goals, determine key measurements of the performance of behavior, based on the employee or group’s previous achievements, determine suitable rewards, and communicate the agenda with employees (Heneman, 2015). In addition, these programs need to be carefully structured to ensure they are rewarding accomplishments above and beyond an individual or group 's basic functions. Otherwise, they run the risk of being perceived of as privileges or regular merit pay, rather than a reward for outstanding work. Also keeping an open-door policy is essential, and this can help to encourage employees further by holding roundtable discussions in which they can discuss anything that may be on their minds at the moment. The more Jiffy adopts an open, safe space for communication, the more likely employees will bring…

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