Benefits Of Employee Growth And Development Essay

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The potential for employees to leave due to the lack of progress that can be made within LDA is a potential future problem. Considering employee growth and development helps to contribute to employee satisfaction and thus can contribute to company productivity and profit (Crook et. al, 2011). Lack thereof can therefore reflect negatively for the company and thus management need to be able to counteract this. It is suggested that employees are a level below senior management staff and reflects towards the lack of progression within the company may have contributed to the continual outflow of employees over the last 12 months from the company.


Bringing outside experience into an organisation can contribute positively to the growth and development by bringing in valuable knowledge, creativity and experience gained externally, that adds value and a competitive advantage. The small size of the company contributes significantly to the reduced ability for employee growth and progression internally, and thus the necessary experience may only be found externally. The company requires individuals with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience and something the company states is satisfied by employees from outside the company rather than within. Although Bidwell (2011) suggests that employees hired externally are paid the highest compared to those hired from within, they will initially perform worse and have higher exit rates compared…

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