Benefits Of Education Through Social Media

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Expanding the Reach of Education Through social Media

Workloads, time management, and demand for productivity are compelling students and eduction institutions to expand traditional forms of teaching, such as face-to-face, with multiple forms of interactive mediums. A particular method of delivery is through the use of social media applications. Social media offers school to engage students outside of the classroom by reaching new audiences, providing guidance and feedback, and encouraging students to engage in educational peer-to-peer interactions.

As 94% of students, from kindergarten to grade 12, are using the internet daily (SOURCE), the need for new learning methods is an increasing demand. With social media tools the
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Incorporating this in to the current learning curriculum would see a positive correlation to improved student performance.

With the implementation of these interactive mediums we will begin to see positive improvement in students quality of work and engagement. These are relatively cost effective methods that can easily be worked into the current education system to provide student with 21st century learning that prepares them for the future. Implementing these methods today will provide our school board with the head start at method that will one day be the norm. Investing in social media tools is an investment in our school system and our child’s future.


Stage1: The Testing Process
In this process we must select a school to begin testing our new learning methods in before expanding to a larger market. By implementing it in once school we can closely monitor the effects on student performance and collect student feedback to see where improvements can be

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