Essay about Benefits Of Eating Meals At School

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Most of the meals I ate were from a box. Some came from a bag and others from my father. Whenever I had to cook food, it would turn out burnt and tasting like a pile of dirty socks. To avoid my horrible tasting food, I decided to use other methods to feed myself. Most of my lunches at school were from some sort of fast food restaurant. There were some days when I tried to eat healthier and not eat at the very convenient Jack in the Box, but restaurant food can only be so healthy. I was content living my life paying for most of my meals. It wasn’t until my grandmother moved in with my family when I started to think about what I ate. Soon after the move in, my father started working during the evening, cutting our outlet for some delicious dinner. My mother works from home and takes care of my grandmother all day. Combined with some health problems, my mother is worn out before dinner time. This left me with the huge responsibility of cooking dinner for me and my grandmother. Not knowing how to cook, left me with a hard decision. I didn’t really have time to learn how to make extravagant meals for two people, so, I turned to boxed foods. Most of the meals I prepared were Hamburger Helper and frozen pastas from Costco. About two months of precooked meals later, I decided that the only way I could truly take care of my grandmother was to feed her a healthier diet. I didn’t know where to start. Everything I’ve cooked before, had been packaged and placed into my pantry. Now, in…

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