Benefits Of Eating Clean Essay

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Most everyone has heard of 'eating clean ' or 'a clean diet '. To the fitness enthusiast, it 's a way of life and not an actual ‘diet’, yet too many people think of eating clean as a negative way of eating that is hard and unsatisfying.

Often you 'll hear people trying to eat healthier say, “I can’t have this or this or this…” as they focus on eating clean as deprivation rather than as an awesome diet that’s filled with an abundance of nutrition, fiber, flavor, and aids in having good health.

Eating clean is a healthy diet which can improve all aspects of health and wellness. When you honor your body by having a positive mental attitude and eating clean, your world will improve greatly, from having more self-confidence, feeling younger,
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And your food cravings will change too! Many of my clients who were sugarholics when they started coaching naturally lost their cravings for junk food once they let go of limiting beliefs about themselves and began eating a clean diet.

Foods to Avoid

Eating clean means avoiding foods that cause weight gain, inflammation, illness/disease, bloating, fatigue, low energy, skin problems, dry hair and nails, and cause the mind to seem foggy and unclear. All of which are found in processed foods, such as sugar, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, high sodium, GMO foods, MSG, and trans fats. Basically, avoid processed foods that come in a box, bag, or a can.

These 'clean eating destroyers ' will sabotage any effort of eating clean and shedding fat. Clean eating is basically a delicious diet consisting of natural, whole foods, which are highly nutritious, high in fiber, low in calories, and low in fat.

What to Eat When Eating
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Basically, as I always say, "If God didn 't make it don 't eat it". The only processed foods that fit within the clean eating realm are whey protein powders and whey protein bars.

When eating clean get in the habit of filling your plate with delicious, whole food that will aid in shedding fat, increase your metabolism and preserve and build lean muscle mass. A good rule of thumb is to imagine your plate is sectioned into thirds: divide it down the middle and cut one side half. Fill half of your plate with veggies and salad and the other half with equal portions of protein and a complex carb.

Eating clean doesn’t mean it gives you a green light to pig out! You can gain weight just as easy by overeating clean foods as you can with eating junk food. Portion control is a must when eating clean. When in doubt about portion sizes, use the size of the palm of your hand for a portion size of protein and complex carbs, and enjoy eating more veggies, which your body craves to be lean and

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