Benefits Of Early Childhood Education

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1.4.1 Perceived Benefits of Mandatory Accreditation

The introduction of legislation for the mandatory accreditation of early childhood workers in Australia has a number of perceived benefits for the early childhood worker, and the early childhood sector as a whole. For the early childhood worker, added credibility, pro-fessionalism and status, with promised increased remuneration, benefits and promotion due to their increased knowledge, understanding and application of skills taught (Elliott, 2006). For the early childhood service in which they are employed improved status, cred-ibility and prestige as a result of the improved performance and professionalism of their staff (Elliott, 2006). For the early childhood sector added credibility,
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Research from the school sector acknowledges teacher effectiveness and academic achievement are under-pinned by the combination of teacher quality and quality pedagogical practices (Hayes, Mills, Christie & Lingard, 2006; Muijs & Reynolds, 2001). Early Childhood Centres that are better funded, offering improved employment conditions for staff, with increased re-sources for quality teacher programmes, have a lower staff turnover and higher staff satis-faction (COAG, …show more content…
The methodology employed to gather and analyse the data derived from this research study are, “the strategy, plan of action, process or design lying behind the choice and use of particular methods” (Crotty, 1998, p.3). The use of qualitative research techniques and an interpretivist theoretical perspective, allowed me to examine aspects within the participants’ experiences and assisted me in deriving meaning and a sense of understanding from those experiences (Wilson & Hutchinson, 1991).

By studying, observing and analysing the social world of the participants, and reporting their detailed views, I was able to analyse their words, and in so doing build “complex, holistic pictures” (Creswell, 1998, p.15) which allowed me to derive alternative opinions and beliefs which challenged my own, enabling me to find new interpretations and underlying meanings in the research

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