Benefits Of Customer Satisfaction Improvement Strategies Essay examples

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Companies of all types and sizes depend on their customer base for revenues and continuously work toward earning the largest market share percentage attainable. The foundations of businesses are its customers, and unless that company is a monopoly, competition between businesses will drive customers and revenues to one business or another. Maintaining customer relationships can be expensive, and while some companies invest heavily in their public image and customer management strategies, some companies succeed despite poor customer relationships. Therefore, efficiency is important to maximize the benefits of customer satisfaction improvement strategies. The wishes of the customers are also continually evolving with new generations and social environments. Moving on from the “boomers”, to the “gen x”, and now the famously dubbed “me me me generation”, new social norms and multiple studies have shown that the use of mobile and computer technologies is skyrocketing. (Stein, 2013). Factors such as changing social norms, and a growing narcissistic population (the Millennials), are evidently affecting the manners in which companies interact with customers as they attempt to attract the new generations to their products. Conversely, some companies lose customers because they have not adapted to the new customer standards. The methods and tools used to evaluate customer loyalty, satisfaction, and the resulting cost benefits have led towards generally increased online presences and…

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