Benefits Of Cultural Diversity

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Is Cultural Diversity Proving Compatible With Social Unity?

Britain is a multicultural society that has evolved over centuries of empire building, immigration and warfare. however, there is a large debate about whether or not cultural diversity is in fact a meaningful or worthwhile policy to pursue by the politicians that we elect. In this essay, I will argue that cultural diversity is a policy that is compatible to the values of modern Britain and should be pursued by our politicians. Cultural diversity is when different cultures or groups are present to form a group or society. This includes the tolerance and acceptance of other culture 's differences.
A culture is made up of the beliefs, characteristics, customs and social behaviour
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It is obvious from research that they can work together to get positive results within a community. To help the process some laws may need to be put in place which will restrict certain aspects of a community but also allows them to express what their culture does in a way that is compatible with others. These laws could create a common ground from which each culture can build upon and adapt to their own, this creates a space for cultural diversity but also means they have something in common to create a sense of unity. Another step to help is tolerance. Cultures must learn to be tolerant of each other without having to assimilate to each other. The point of tolerance is that you are able to be committed to your own beliefs as well as being accepting of other cultures differences. There would have to be a sense of equality between the cultures to keep it diverse, if there was some kind of hierarchy then a minority culture would begin to assimilate and therefor loose the diverse aspect of cultural diversity and unity. I believe it is important to have cultural diversity and social unity in order for there to be a progressive

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