Benefits Of Cooking At Home Essay

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Cooking is one of the best and most interesting activity’s you can do, it includes the mind and body. It is proven to help relax our body's after a long day of work. Eating at home is a lot better for our health and comfort. Cooking at home we can make sure what goes into our system is not bad for us. We control the amount of oil, salt and other ingredients to fit our own individual needs. When we eat out at places none of this is really possible. At home we can make just the right amount of food at a restaurant some of the time we either get too much or too little on our plate. Many people do not cook at home though. They say that they have no time but research shows the average Canadian spends more time watching TV than cooking. Also, that …show more content…
No waste of gas going there and research is showing that the prices of foods at restaurants is going up. One great way we can save even more money cooking at home is if we grow our own vegetable garden. This is an easy task all of us can do if we have the time. Having your own vegetable garden is even better. Especially in our day and age with all of these genetically modified ingredients in foods, growing your own fruits and vegetables is one of the healthiest paths to take in making homemade meals. Nowadays you can find added sugar in almost everything, even most tomato sauces have added sugar and other nasty fillers. But not if you grow the foods yourselves. Many find gardening peaceful because there are nice flowers that grow. You have highly nutritious organic food all year long. Even if they are not organic it is still very good for you. Gardening is something that we can help our parents with instead of watching TV or playing video games. Gardening can require a lot of work but the work is worth its benefits for example you can sell the fruits and veggies or donate to charity. Gardening may not be for everyone but what everyone likes is having

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