Benefits Of Competitive Training For Students Essay

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Neil Armstrong, one of the greatest astronauts of all time, was the first man to go to the moon because of the Space Race. The competitive race between the Soviet Union and the United States to get to the moon resulted in not only this feat, but many other advancements in the exploration of space. Competition is the drive that inspires people to push past their weaknesses and do better. Without it, the world would not be nearly as advanced and sophisticated. This engagement has always naturally been present in schools. Despite efforts to change competitive tendencies of schools, it is still present and proving better than cooperative learning in many areas. Competitive learning is the most beneficial for students because it encourages full effort, provides real life experience, and ensures pedagogical effectiveness.
Competition is appropriate in schools because it encourages students to put in full effort. Critics of competitive class activities may say that group work aids struggling students because their stronger peers help them catch up by explaining and teaching complex topics. This is an ignorant assumption, as many times it does not happen. On the contrary, gifted students tend to take over a project, doing all of the work for convenience and speed. Additionally, some students take advantage and fail to complete their assignments because they know it will be done by another student. This is not beneficial on either side due to the uneven workload and lack of…

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