Benefits Of Communism

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Register to read the introduction… To do this these workers must compete with each other ( although not a conventional “direct competition” ) to gain the praise of their supervisor; thus increasing their chances of moving forward.

Next, look at the way a cooperative nation would operate. The entire system of employment, money, education, etc. would have to be completely revamped. Instead of trying to surpass someone at something, you would help that person come to your level. Everyone would have an equal opportunity to education, a job, land, food, etc. This is called communism. Communism looks brilliant on paper, but does it really work?

History suggests that communism doesn't work. This is thoroughly backed by the fact that the inventor of communism, the Soviet Union, have fallen out of its government, and demanded. Without competition there is no drive to become smarter, or better at a skill. You are guaranteed a job, and despite the job, an equal salary. In a communist world, doctors receive the same pay and respect ( as a far as the government goes ) as a farmer. Why should someone subject themselves to such a difficult occupation when others

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