Benefits Of Communicating With Social Media Essay

1228 Words Nov 16th, 2015 5 Pages
Communicating with Social Media I was born in the age just when computers started getting popular and I was a preteen when social media started gaining traction. I’m a user of Facebook and other social networking websites and so is a majority of the people I know. I chose the topic of the benefits of communicating with social media because from my experience websites geared toward communication are big players in shaping how we get our information and how we communicate to one another. “Social Media: Fad or the Future of Interpretation” discusses the usefulness of social media for businesses and organizations, and uses national parks using social media as a platform for advertisement. Knackmus mentions how the internet birthed “universal interpretation” which is where anyone with internet connection has the ability to connect with resource implications. Social media helps “bridge the gap” even more by being more dynamic than a web page by the user (business, organizations, individuals, etcetera) being able communicate with other users (pg. 9). This gives users the ability to be familiar with so much more, for example, I’m an artist and I post a lot of my artwork online. I hope to one day make money off of my work and being able to get in touch with likeminded individuals or fellow artists helps me gain connections all over and gives me a lot more opportunities of becoming more well known for my art. Social media sites also offer the option to “tag” these users in photos…

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