What Are The Benefits Of Earning A College Degree

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There are well-documented benefits of earning a college degree. Students with a college degree benefit more financially and culturally than high school graduates. College is a place where students can explore and develop intellectually, while building lifelong relationships. Many of the relationships involve meeting people from different backgrounds. According to Jeff McGuire, meeting people from diverse backgrounds provides an opportunity to gain a global understanding and perspective of people from other countries, and around the world (n.d.). These experiences cultivate a community of individuals, who are growing together. College offers so much more than just educational experiences; it also provides an avenue to explore a host of activities …show more content…
This statistic is indicative that a person with a college degree at each level earns more than a person without a degree. Furthermore, the research posits that Millennials (born after 1980) with a college degree are more career driven, and value their education. Douglas Webber (2015) stated “A college degree is the best outcome for everyone regardless of cost". In fact, many of the high school graduates do not view a college education as an investment. On the other hand, college graduates view their education as a financial investment and feel as though their education is worth the student loan debt. Moreover, the investigation also revealed that regardless of generation: Millennials, Generation X (born: 1965-80), the late Baby Boomers (born: 1955-64), the early Baby Boomers (born: 1946-54), and the Silent generation (1928-45); college graduates have higher earnings compared to those individuals who do not attend college. For example, the early baby boomers earned 25% less than college graduates. Millennials with a high school diploma earned almost 40% less than a college graduate. This means that at the same age, Millennials earn slightly more than the early Baby Boomers. Because Millennials place a higher value on getting a college education they are less likely to be unemployed compared to their counterparts. Consequently, the Millennials, who are college graduates, enjoy the benefits of a higher

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