Advantage Of Collectivism In America

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How Collectivism has changed the America.
America nowadays are facing many country problems more than it ever did. Therefore, many great leaders of America, such as Barack Obama, brought the concept of collectivism into the America in the hope of forming a better society in this country. Their ideas is that the benefits of individual are served when the group is being take care of, and there must be reasons why those greatest politicians of all time make that assumption and apply it in every aspects of the America for the past few years. Today, we considered about the advantages of collectivism for the society via three important problems in the America nowadays: education, immigration and cutural.
With the support of collectivism concept,
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While Donald Trump was more focusing on the benefits of the American people only and try to prevent more immigrants come to the America, Clinton showed everybody that she has the great foresight for our country by claiming that supporting immigrants brought the greatest benefits for the America. The success of the America nowadays can not be achieve without the generation of the immigrants. She stated that immigrants come to the America, study and work hard, then use their knowledges and their talents to contribute to America. In the article “Ten Ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy” by the white house, immigrants have helped and built the US economy in many different ways. According to the immigration policy center, there are 30 percent more of immigrants start their own business in America compare to non-immigrants, which also creates more jobs for the American workers from 0.7 percent to 1.8 percent from 1990 to 2004 ( Jason, n.p) Moreover, in 2015, Mexican and Asian push the US economy by respectively contributing to the US 1.5 trillions dollars from their business, which also help increasing the US GDP to 0.7 percent by the past eight years (US GDP annually increased 2.2 percent in average) ( Trading Economics, n.p). Immigrants are also our doctors, lawyers or engineers.. thanks to their brilliant mind and hardworking spirit. Those numbers only the partial numbers of what immigrants actually contribute for the US. There are many more immigrants come from different countries to the America and constanly help building our country stronger. Imagine if we follow Donald Trump’s individualism rather than Hilary Clinton’s collectivism, narrow down the number of immigrants to come to America, just because he was afraid of the US safety (since he only cares about the American

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