Essay On The Benefits Of Cloning

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Cloning Benefits and Moral Concerns “Cloning describes a number of different processes that can be used to produce genetically identical copies of a biological entity” (United States Natl. Human Genome Research Inst.). Scientists have cloned many biological things even animals in the pursuit of discovering benefits. Along the way, there have been those that have raised concerns about morality and ethics in cloning. Although cloning has many benefits, it’s still surrounded by moral concerns. An important part of understanding cloning is identifying the types of artificial cloning. The first type of cloning is gene cloning, a process by which scientists take DNA then identify the desired gene and copy it. The second type of cloning is reproductive cloning; this process involves growing a cloned embryo inside of a surrogate animal. The third type of cloning is Therapeutic cloning in which one of the goals is to produce stem cells that can be used for replacing diseased tissue and other medical benefits. The process of cloning is also very important. There are a couple of ways that scientists can create a clone, one of which is artificial embryo twinning and the other is somatic cell nuclear transfer. The first process to be discovered was artificial embryo twinning; this …show more content…
We learn about diseases and the prevention of diseases from testing that is conducted on animals. This testing takes time which cloning can help reduce resulting in speedier discoveries in disease control. One of the most talked about medical uses in cloning is stem cells. Stem cells are used to repair tissue and possibly organs that have become diseased. The problem with stem cells is that foreign stem cells cause our body’s immune system to reject them. By using cloning scientist might be able to grow identical stem cells of diseased people. These stem cells could then be studied to identify treatments or cures for different

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