Benefits Of Cabernet Sauvignon

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Cabernet Sauvignon is a black colored grape from Bordeaux in France. Bordeaux is an incredible wine region with diverse sets of grapes. People from Spain call this sensation a Burdeos Tintos, which is very interesting. The grapes come in clusters, the black grapes produced are tiny and round, the leaves are dark to light green with lobes and the shoot tips are colored red. Today, the wine is favored in many countries all over the world and some distinguish it by Vitis vinifera. Cabernet Sauvignon produces thick vines, thick skin, helps survive damaging environments and disease. Its vine may grow at different temperatures and soil types as well. The grape is a mixture of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc and tends to produce very slowly which is why people …show more content…
It is important to produce a great quality of this wine under warm temperatures and enough water. Without water, both soil and rootstock will dry out and there won’t be further growth. This may cause decay or stress to the grape vines. To do this, the harvesting should be done by hand. Around August to October is a typical time to grow rootstocks that become healthy vines. When a machine picks up the grapes, it may ruin the soil content. Another way to properly gather the fruits is by hand. This gives motility and stability to the rootstock decreasing its chances of getting destroyed. Soil such as stone, gravel and sand are a benefit to the rootstock (Jogaiah, S., Ramteke, S., Sharma, J., & Upadhyay, A., 2014). It is extremely important to keep a proper drained soil at all times for Cabernet Sauvignon to grow. A typical way to drain soil is by mixing organic substances with sand for the soil to adapt, spread layers of the soil around the surface and building a portable drain around the rootstock to make sure that the area receives proper water and drainage at all times. This way both the rootstock and the vine will withstand

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