Benefits Of Buying A Car Essay

940 Words Sep 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Buying a car is a huge step in anyone’s life. A car that I have recently fallen in love with is the 2016 Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has a great and reasonable price, a new Turbocharged Engine, and impressive miles per hour for highway and city driving. Plus, it has amazing features that serve as a bonus such as, heated seats, Apple CarPlay, steering wheel controls, and much more. Buying a car is a huge step in your life, so why not purchase this great vehicle. When you are buying a car you have to take in some very important criteria when doing so, and one of the most important things to consider is the engine. The Honda Civic has a very reasonable cost for a car with all of the features. The starting cost for this is $18,640, while it is a large cost, you need to consider that it is a brand new design for this year, so that cost seems pretty reasonable, especially considering all of the features that this car has to offer. The most I would probably want to spend on a car right now would only be about $5,000, but I could always take out a loan or save up for this car for a future purchase. When you look at the pictures of the inside of this car, it is simply amazing. It has an incredibly sleek design with a leather interior which adds a gorgeous look to the inside. The outside of the car also has an incredibly professional look with nine different color choices. This purchase would most definitely be a smart one. The physical appearance of a car is not the only asset…

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