Analysis: Breaking The Barrier

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Breaking the Barrier Without question, all Americans are taxpayers; whether they are low-income, middle income, or high income. Most Americans’ dream is to have a higher education and more skills to perform on a job and not overwork just to afford to live. Even Obama said, “Education has always been the secret sauce to success” (Cubberly, 22). President Obama and many others have proposed ways to break the barriers that keep people out of college. Not including America, but some countries do offer the first two years free. In America the first two years of community college, for low-income students should be free, because all students that gained a diploma or GED are not fortunate enough to make it to college, low-income Americans make less …show more content…
Why the government has increase the cost of tuition and made it difficult for Americans to obtain a college degree. President Obama spoke on education before and he stated that if the budget of the government would decrease the health care and incarceration percentage there would be more funds to educate 100s of students in one year. (add info from new article) As the federal government dealt with growing budget deficits it allowed the purchasing power of the Pell grant to erode (John, 2003). As a whole the government has lost a lot of percentage per dollar capita and the currency inflated. The government within the budget of federal and state government, it is believed they have decreased there percentage of pay out and increased the people percentage to pay, even though, the taxes we pay should support that. Before Pell grants, students could go to school and leave with a degree debt free. Now students are walking away in debt with nothing to show for it, or, even worse, many are referred to collection agencies because of outstanding balances (Cubberly, 21). Number of students enrolled in public colleges rose by 20 percent from 2002-2003 school year to 2011-2012 (Gabriel,

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