Benefits Of Bottled Water: A Life Saver

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Bottled Water Is A Life Saver
“In 2004, Americans, on average, drank 24 gallons of bottled water per person, making it second only to soft drinks in popularity”(Standage par.4). Bottled water, like many other things, has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. There have been many disputes over the controversial topic of whether the benefits of bottled water outweigh the costs. Bottled water has become very expensive in more than just one way. “Globally, bottled water is a staggering $46 billion dollar industry”(Standage par.5). Plastic water bottles have a negative impact on the environment as well. Although there are several different negative aspects of bottled water, there are some positive aspects as well. Water is a healthy alternative to sodas and other drinks that are readily available. No matter how many disadvantages water bottles have, the benefits of bottled water far outweigh the costs.
The water bottle is a very practical invention that provides clean, highly regulated drinking water. The idea of water being stored in mass produced plastic bottles is very pragmatic. Take for example, some region is
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There are several negative factors about water bottles. One negative aspect is the impact of the bottles on the environment. There is also another concern of the public, quite possibly the biggest about water bottles. It is Bisphenol A, or BPA for short. “It’s a chemical compound that has been reported quite thoroughly by the media since it started being exposed for its relation to various reproductive damages and cancer”(Environmental Impact of Bottled Water). This is the big downfall of bottled water, as it sometimes scares people into not wanting to purchase bottled water anymore. Whether it be for themselves or for their family. Studies about BPA are ongoing,“because of its clear health hazards, but also because many of its

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