Benefits Of Being Disabled People Essay

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Humans usually complain about their life, and they are unsatisfied of what they have and always desire more and more. People need to learn how to love, enjoy and appreciate what they already have because millions of people do not have the same advantages. In this case people who do have these advantages, like disabled people, may see and act in the world differently. Those individuals who are born with a disease such as Down’s Syndrome (DS), a genetic defect of the chromosome 21, valuate and see the life from another point of view. Although they learn how to live with their disease, it is very difficult for them to integrate into the society. According to NDSS there are approximately 400,000 people who live with Down’s Syndrome in United States, and their life expectancies have increased radically from 25 in 1983 to 60 today. It is remarkable how those people can develop abilities to perform normal activities in school, jobs, and some approaches which are used to teach these people who has a disability. Also, how are their reactions to sexual activity and how to teach them about it.

The progress of children with Down’s Syndrome is slower than the regular children in the classroom, but not all areas of development are affected equally. Although they have some troubles in their verbal developments (Chapman,1995; Fowler,1990), children with Down’s Syndrome have very special abilities related to their ways of learning. For example, GiGi’s Play House reports that they learn…

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