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Police officers are looked up to with respect and admiration. They have the duty to protect the people in the community. Police officers in all different cities are willing to save strangers and bring safety and comfort to the people in some of their worst times. They are also educators by providing tickets in order to correct behavior and prevent the same mistake which in essence can prevent any future accidents. The job of being a police officer is the most rewarding because their job is to protect the people, and prevent harmful situations.
The most important question that must be answered before becoming a police officer is “why do you want to become a police officer?” Some people want to become a police officer because it 's a respectable
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You also must be a citizen of the United States, as well as meet medical and physical standards. These standards are met by qualifying examinations, either written or oral, which must be approved by the civil service board. After you have passed all the mandatory exams, you will have to go through training. According to an interview with retired police chief and author David Couper, “My first job was as a patrolman in Edina, a suburb of Minneapolis. I was 21 years of age and could not apply to the Minneapolis department because the age of application was 23 at the time. My training consisted of riding with a sergeant for a week. When I returned to work, my sergeant gave me the keys to a squad car, a ticket book, city map, and statute book. I was on my own”. Even with all the extensive training, there are special skills that help give you an advantage on the streets of the city. In the interview with David Couper; he says that, “I have intensely practiced the Asian martial arts of Judo, Taekwondo, Kendo, and the Japanese sword. What I found when I joined the police was that these arts helped me keep calm in the face of challenge and danger on the street and, when off-duty, balanced my life and kept me fit. These arts gave me confidence that I didn’t have to rely on a firearm to get the job done”. Special and unique skills …show more content…
There will always be sometime different than the previous day. The job of an officer is to preserve law and order, which is done by patrol on foot, motorcycles, and even radio cruisers. Police officers have a duty of enforcing traffic and parking regulations. There are occasions where officers on a scene of a crime will have to administer first aid, conduct preliminary investigations, obtain witnesses, and make arrest. Some people may argue that the job of a police officer is very dangerous. Each and every call is potentially a dangerous situation. There are many new stories that frequently report officers confronting armed criminals. Although this is true, there is no amount of police training that can prepare for every single encounter in real life. Police officers do the best they can with everything they have in order to keep the community safe, which is their number one

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