Benefits Of Being A Family Essay

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In a western culture, as well as various other cultures, family is viewed as being one of the most important aspects in one’s life. This is due to family typically being the first socializing agent in life. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a group of people which they can label as their family. There are people who stay as orphans up until they are legally adults, and never really have a family. In a case such as this, the individual must look to alternative socializing agents which serve to fulfill the functions that a family would have been expected to fulfill so the child can develop properly. Ideally, a family is meant to provide an individual with affection, companionship, and encourage self-expression. It should also assist them in developing morals, self-discipline, and a proper work ethic. However, two socializing agencies that can alternatively fulfill these functions of a family are peers and school. A family is a group of people that can be related genetically, through adoption, or through another kind of relationship. A family is how infants learn and develop life skills that are necessary for them to survive when they are older. Due to this, a family would be a key socialization agent. It is now more widely known that a parent must not only care for a child’s physical needs, but also the child’s social development. If a child is restricted from spending time with peers because of overbearing parents, they can miss out on…

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