Benefits Of Becoming A Pediatrician


Have you ever heard a sweet babies squeal across the room and looked over to see a smile with all gums looking up at its mother? I absolutely adore that sight. Or when I see a little kid running towards daddy and catching up to him and hearing it say “daddy is slow and I’m really fast!” Kids are God’s gift to earth and they warm my heart every time I see them. Although, there are those kids you just want to change your whole mindset about ever having kids. Thank goodness there are few of that kind. Becoming a Pediatrician is a dream that became apparent just recently. Pediatrician is a doctor that mostly deals with kids and adolescents up to age 21. My ideal job would be to open up my own office and help kids feel better everyday.
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Although, it isn’t necessary for you to do that but you may have to take some courses that are required for the school you’re applying to. In order to go into medical school, you would have to graduate with a BS from a college or university. While in Daytona State, I first need to get my AA. After I get my AA I’m planning on transferring to UCF’s medical program where I will study to get my BS in either Biology or something in the sciences. I haven’t yet decided but I’m leaning more toward Biology. Getting your Bachelor’s degree in biology is very common. After graduating from a college or university with your Bachelor’s, my next step is Medical school. In order to get into medical school, you have to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), which tests the student’s knowledge of physical and biological sciences, writing skills and verbal reasoning abilities. Medical school is a four-year program where you will get your Doctor of Medicine (M.D) and followed by 3-8 years doing residency. After receiving your degree in medical school and completing your residency, you will need to pass a medical board examination to obtain a license to practice medicine. (, wikihow, …show more content…
I have definitely learned a multitude of things that I will use to better my future career as well as my journey there. After learning all this information, I am fired up to become a Pediatrician. I truly didn’t realize all the job descriptions you had to have to become a successful doctor. It was really interesting to read how much school a Pediatrician needs to go for as well as how much knowledge I need to consume. I am overwhelmed of the abundance of schooling and I feel like I may not be good enough or smart enough to do this but I have a good support team and I am very strong to keep going. Becoming a Pediatrician is my dream and I will conquer my dream with passion and

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