Benefits Of Attending An Institution Of Higher Education Essay

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This essay will be written on the benefit of a college degree, loans, community college tuition, and life after college. Many people are told that a college degree is not worth the time. These paragraphs will hold facts and arguments to show everyone why college is worth everyone’s time.
One of the advantages of attending an institution of higher education is the motivation that the loans give you to focus on school. Most students attending a college are motivated to finish their degrees in order to be able to pay back their loans as quick as possible. That being said, most students decide to major in certain programs that will earn them lots of money in the future. Zhang writes, “Rothstein and Rouse (2011), using the introduction of a ‘no-loan’ policy in a highly selective university, find that debt causes its graduates to choose substantially higher-salary jobs and reduces the probability that students choose low-paid ‘public-interest’ jobs (“Effects” 155). This piece of evidence shows, that students whom borrow through loans tend to study in a field that is guaranteed to be higher paying. The majority of the money would be used to pay back their loans, help them get out of debt and give them a clean slate debt wise. Zhang also writes, “Students’ calculations of the costs and benefits of using loans to finance higher education can be influenced by many factors. McKinney Found, that a high school students’ perceptions of borrowing are shaped by messages received from their…

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