Benefits Of Attending A Postsecondary School Essay

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By attending a postsecondary school, it provides a variety of open doors full of advantages and opportunities that will last a lifetime. People with a college degree earn about twice as more than those who receive only a high school diploma. Also, colleges and universities provide students with a healthy social life to be prosperous all around. Furthermore, employers use college degrees as one of the tools to sort out potential employees, recognizing that higher levels of education indicate higher abilities. Clearly, college is a very important aspect of life that we all must take advantage of because it allows us to invest in ourselves and others. Even though the tuition for the University of Miami is expensive, the school offers beneficial scholarships, attainable requirements, and great programs, which will allow for success. In addition, the disadvantage of attending the University of Miami is the tuition and additional expenses. The schooling for undergraduate students living on campus is a total of $43,040, but the overall additional expenses come to a grand total of $61,354 (“Cost of Attendance”). Books and supplies are a sum of $930 while housing and meals comes to a full amount of $12,684 for the 2014-2015 school years (“Cost of Attendance”). Personal expenses are a summation of $2,100 while transportation will cost a student about $1,290 (“Cost of Attendance”). To add on, extra fees towards the total cost is about $1,310 (“Cost of Attendance”). Unfortunately,…

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