Essay on Benefits of Art Education

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Steps to Art Early Childhood Arts Education Initiative
Fact Sheet About the Benefits of Arts Education for Children
Benefits of Arts Education
Source: Americans for the Arts, 2002 * Stimulates and develops the imagination and critical thinking, and refines cognitive and creative skills. * Has a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of every child and has proven to help level the "learning field" across socio-economic boundaries. * Strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement and school success. * Develops a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance, and goal-setting—skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond. * Teaches children life skills
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* Arts education should not be considered a frill, but a necessity. Since preschools are not part of the public school system, funding sources vary greatly. When budgets are tight, arts programs, teachers, and supplies are often cut first. * More than four million children attend preschool programs nationwide.
Source: Arts Education Partnership, Children’s Learning & the Arts: Birth to Age Eight * Preschool-age children are primed for learning and greatly accepting of most art forms. * Compelling evidence exists that early arts experience has an impact on all aspects of a child’s learning and development and that, in many ways, “earlier is better.” * Early childhood thus presents both a unique opportunity and a unique challenge; a part of that challenge is to engage and support all who care for and educate young children in making the arts an integrated and vital part of their earliest experiences. * We know that "art," understood as spontaneous creative play, is what young children naturally do—singing, dancing, drawing, and role-playing. We also know that the arts engage all the senses and involve a variety of modalities including the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. When caregivers engage and encourage children in arts activities on a regular basis from early in life, they are laying the foundation

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