Benefits Of Antibiotics Use In Medicine

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Back in the early 1900s, most people are expected to die from pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza and any gastrointestinal infections due to the lack of treatment. Even with new diagnostic technologies and therapeutic capacity, health professionals, especially physicians were unable to deal with diseases that were bacteria related. It was not until 1928 that Sir Alexander Fleming decided to create a ‘’magic bullet that target only disease-causing microbes and not the host’’ (Aminov, 2010). This magic bullet turned out to be an antibiotic substance called penicillin, which to his surprise, was the cure to many of the life threatening diseases at the time. With the introduction of the first ever antibiotic, it also marked the beginning of the …show more content…
-There are evidences to suggest that streptomycin is very toxic to fish and algae (Kumar, Gupta, Chander & Singh, 2005). * Reflection: Overall, the use of antibiotic in soils have shown to have serious impacts on the soil fauna, soul enzyme activities, nutrient cycling, and especially soil organisms. 4. Benefits of antibiotics use in agriculture. * Topic sentence: Despite the consequences that antibiotics use in agriculture left behind both in human and environment, we simply can’t ignore the instrumental role of antibiotics in the agriculture industry and the United States’ economy as a whole. * Evidence: - In a research conducted in 2012, scientists believe that approximately 80 types of bacteria, posed a serious threat to poultry industry (Dibner & Richards, 2005). - The use of antibiotics in animal feeds have proven to protect public health by limiting animal diseases and prevent transmission of zoonotic pathogens (Hao et al,

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