Benefits Of An Elementary School Teacher

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It wasn 't until I became a mother that I decided I wanted to become an Elementary School Teacher. For so long I had a difficult time deciding what career I wanted to go into, which caused me to constantly change my major. After I had my daughter is when I realized I wanted to get into a career that involved working with children. Teachers don 't go to just a job, they go to a place that makes them happy everyday knowing that they are helping children learn and grow. There are several reasons to come a teacher that I can 't list them all. The reasons I want to become and Elementary School Teacher are to make a lasting impact on young students, the schedule, and the amazing benefits. I absolutely love the experiences I with my daughter and …show more content…
Teachers have the opportunity to constantly continue to learn throughout their career. Students at the Elementary age always ask the most interesting questions which prompts the Teacher to dig deeper and learn more of the aspects of the subject they are most curious about. Throughout a Teachers career they are required to take mandated curricula classes which will help guide the Teachers of new ways to learn and make class more fun and interesting. The salary of an Elementary School Teacher is actually pretty impressive in Arkansas. According to the average salary for an Elementary School Teacher is about $44,500.00 that also depends on your level of education such as having either a Bachelor 's or Master 's Degree. One of the other benefits of going into this career is having health benefits and the option of a retirement plan. Most jobs do not offer these kinds of benefits and that is why it 's important to choose to go into a career that does offer health and retirement plans. These benefits will help you in the short term and long term of this career and that 's why it 's very important to go into a career not just a

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