Essay On Adaptive Aquatics

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There is large number of people all over the country who have difficulties with their, some doing it for rehab, others because they have disabilities. Adaptive aquatics is a program based upon the Red Cross’s Learn-to-Swim initiative and is meant to aid individuals that have special needs or disabilities. Swimming for People with Disabilities by Dimitrios Kokaridas provides information on the Hallwick Method, a method used by some instructors to teach students. Adaptive aquatics is beneficial for people with special needs and disabilities; students can increase their strength, confidence in themselves, and improve their fine motor skills. The adaptive aquatics program was formed recently in the United States; information on what the program …show more content…
The benefits I got from this program is that it helped me get stronger and it’s all I really have to say about adaptive aquatics. There are numerous physical and psychosocial benefits. Adaptive Aquatics can help boost confidence in other areas of students’ lives. Thanks to some of the advice I get, I am more confident at school and at home. Helps individuals with special needs and/or disabilities with many things like strength (“Benefits of Adapted Aquatics”). Adaptive aquatics teaches people with disabilities and special needs water safety and skills in recreational swimming. The strokes I’ve used the most are the breast stroke and butterfly stroke. I can’t really do backstrokes, can’t jump into the pool for obvious reasons. Some of the exercises I did involved using a foam noodle or a bar that students use for kicking. The swimming lessons in Adaptive Aquatics can bring relief from pain and muscle spasms for disabled students (“Benefits of Adapted Aquatics”). Consider how stiff and tight I can get on some days, it really helps out a lot. Gives students a sense of freedom and encourages them to push past their physical limitations such as walking in the pool when they could not on land. I know some people who have to be in walkers and wheelchairs like me and so they might have similar thoughts. Thanks to the near weightlessness of being in the pool, it allows me to practice walking outside of my

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