Benefits Of Access For Public Transport Essay

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Having access to public transport is essential to many of those living within the Housing First program, and finding transportation for the people who live away from public transport has been a major struggle of implementing Housing First in rural or suburban areas (Ecker et al., 2014). Staff members offering services to clients in small cities often spend nearly 50% of their time transporting clients to and from locations (Ecker et al., 2014).
It has also been argued that the program does not meet its own objectives effectively when dealing with families. According to Costa Nunez (2014) the Housing First program, when applied to families, becomes more of a rapid-rehousing program, relying on vouchers and subsidies. New York City has spent millions of dollars rapidly rehousing families but two-thirds of all families who enter the shelters have been there before. For this reason he argues that when working with families, the Housing First project is ineffective and more expensive than traditional methods.

The controversy over Housing First lies in the facts. Because it is still a relatively new program, there is not much long-term research on its effectiveness. While the short-term research indicates that Housing First has had a positive impact on housing homeless participants, while addressing any other issues, there is not yet much research that proves its long term efficiency. Because it is quite an expensive program, it has been met with much resistance, but when…

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