Benefits Of A Wide Rage Of Produce Variety For Consumption Essay

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It is important to maintain a wide rage of produce variety for consumption because of the health benefits and to not become bored with eating the same kind of produce everyday. Overall, fruit and vegetables provide little or no fat, low cholesterol or sodium and provide carbohydrates, fiber and nutrients (Applyby, 1). Most have limited calories and since they contain natural sugar, this will not mess with the consumers blood sugar levels. Since different colors of vegetables show you the nutrition profile, you can get different nutrition needs met by getting a little of each color in your diet each day (Appleby). With red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, red cabbage, kidney beans, strawberries and beets are all going to be high in antioxidant lycopene and anthocyanin according to the USDA (Appleby). A medium raw tomato can provide what you need for vitamin A. Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin A as well. This can help improve night vision but can also help keep ones skin, teeth and bones healthy (Appleby, 1). Green vegetables are good for ones eyes, bones, teeth and for their Vitamin K intake. This will help to make blood clot properly (Appleby). This also provides antioxidant vitamins C and E which will help lower the risk of chronic diseases. In addition, green vegetables have help avoid eye diseases and vision loss. Blue and purple fruits and vegetables are very unique because their rich colors provide protection against…

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