Benefits Of A Wellness Program Essay

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Advantages of Wellness Programs In Corporations

America is facing an epidemic and scientists have been monitoring it for four decades. It’s affecting 75% of all Americans who are either overweight or obese (Wang, 2007). It is making the people sick, affecting their performance, and it is increasing the healthcare expenses. Many factors contribute to this epidemic, and one of the major reasons relates to lifestyle choices. Research suggests corporations should adopt a wellness program because it provides a great return on investment, corporate healthcare expenses are reduced, and it enables employees to be healthier and more productive.
What is the problem
In 2007 studies showed 66% of Americans being overweight. The study predicted 75% of American would be in the overweight category by 2015 (Wang, 2007). The weight epidemic is affecting all races, genders, and age groups. The National Institute of Health (NIH) categorizes weight by using the body mass index (BMI). BMI relates a person’s body mass to their height, and categorizes the result into the following sections: underweight (30).
Obesity does not only affect how one looks, but also increases the risk of multiple preventable chronic diseases. Diseases associated with being obese include the following (Balentine, 2016):
• Insulin Resistance
• Type 2 diabetes
• High Blood Pressure (hypercholesterolemia)
• Stroke
• Heart attacks
• Congestive heart failure
• Cancer
• Gallstones
• Gout
• Osteoarthritis
• Sleep Apnea…

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