Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet Essay

1823 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
The benefits of a vegetarian diet are most evident among Seventh-Day Adventists. A systematic review and meta-analysis was done that compared vegetarian diet, Seventh Day Adventists and the risk of cardiovascular mortality. Eight studies combined equated to 183,321 participants. The 3 Adventist cohorts revealed significant relations between vegetarian diet and reduced all-cause mortality, whereas the non-Adventist studies failed to show any reduction in mortality in vegetarians. Likewise when observing the association between vegetarians and ‘Ischaemic heart disease or cardiac adverse events’ Adventists showed a significantly lower risk versus the non-Adventist who’s risk did not change. Interestingly, all SDA studies demonstrated significant reduction in all-cause mortality with a vegetarian diet. Yet, the finding was not replicated in 4 of the non-Adventist studies. Speculations occurred as Adventist has a very unique lifestyle in which, attenders are more likely to abstain from smoking, caffeine-containing beverages, alcohol, good health practices, regular exercise and to stay married. In addition, it was found that red meat processed meats is associated with higher-all cause mortality, and processed meat being associated with higher CHD and diabetes.
Again an important thing to consider while consuming a vegetarian diet is to be able to complement nutrient sources, so that a nutrient deficiency does not occur. Although protein deficiency is stressed for…

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