Benefits Of A Token Hire Essays

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As a young, Latina female, it is a given that I have to work harder than some in order to gain respect or credibility in the workplace. When I say this, the last thing I would want anyone to take away from it is that I am a whiny, self-entitled millennial. However, my statement is not without evidence. It has been proven time and time again that I am not seen as an equal in my place of employment because I am a female. About ten months ago, I was lucky enough to be temporarily hired to work at a warehouse in Miami. Never did I think that this opportunity was available to me because the warehouse needed a “token hire”. A token hire is someone who has been hired by a company in order to show racial or gender diversity in its employees. Upon arriving on my first day of work, it was painfully obvious that there was a lack of said diversity in the warehouse. Every single employee was a young, white male in their early-to-mid 20’s, save the warehouse manager who was about triple that age. In hindsight, the other warehouse workers were more than likely aware of the circumstances of my employment, but I was too naïve and excited to see it. One occasion that stands out to me in particular was the day that I learned that my knowledge of tools was completely disqualified because of my age and gender. I learned fairly quickly that I was not seen as equally strong or capable of keeping up with the other men, and I made a conscious effort to deny any patronizing accommodations that…

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